The New American Century

Are you ready for the New American Century?

According to a recent documentary on CBC this war in Iraq is just one step in America’s journey to assert dominance over the world.

The following are quotes from Act of Faith” a documentary of The Fifth Estate” on Canada’s CBC.

The (Gulf) war was over but here in Washington not everyone was celebrating. Powerful hawks in the defence policy establishment were already drafting a secret strategy to pick up where Desert Storm left off. America is the most powerful military and economic force in human history. That power should henceforth be used for the advancement of American interests. Even if it meant the pre-emptive use force against anyone perceived to pose a threat. Even if it meant going it alone in defiance of America’s friends and allies. It was a blue print for American domination of the future which was one good reason to keep it under wraps but the details leaked out. In diplomatic circles its sheer audacity was stunning.

Paul Wolfowitz, then US undersecretary of defence for policy, was the author of what was being called a new doctrine for American dominance of the 21st century. When he presented it the first president Bush it seems a shiver ran down his spine too. In foreign relations America would remain a team player for the moment.

The 90’s were the Clinton years. For the hawks on the hard right it was a wasted decade. Foreign policy was ad hoc and in their view spineless.

Paul Wolfwitz…wanted to change that, he and some like minded thinkers set up a think tank. The Project for a New America Century calling for a new muscular foreign policy, an invincible military, and the guts to use it.

Jan 26, 1998 in a letter to Bill Clinton they argued for a policy of pre-emptive action, their first target Saddam Hussein. It was signed by a whos who of radical conservatives including Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz. James Woolsey, and Richard Perle.

3 years later they were in a whole new ball game. Foreign policy wasn’t high on the Bush agenda either but his administration included at least 10 of the hawks in the Project for a New America Century…They had a manifesto, all they needed was a launching pad, a crisis, a this document acknowledged in late 2000 on the scale of Pearl Harbour.

Sept 11, 2001. The foreign policy warriors in the new administration pounced. Wolfowitz left little doubt about what lay ahead.

Wolfowitz: “It will be a campaign, not a single action and we are going to keep after these people and the people that support them until this stops.”

In congress on Sept 20, the president embraces the Project for a New America Century

With a single sentence that will have earth shaking significance for the future.

George Bush: “Any nation that continues to harbour or support terrorism will be regarded by the United States as a hostile regime”…This reversed the policy of all previous administrations.

This was a war that was inevitable for the architects of a New American Century. The beginning of the end of the United Nations as we know it.

Interviewer: What in the absence of the UN will the foundation of the New World Order will be?

Richard Perle: I think there are two possibilities here. One is the reengineering of the United Nations. A relaunch in product terms but with a different charter.

Interviewer: Essentially what I hear is that the real foundations of the New World Order will be the strength and the values of the United States of America.

Richard Perle: The answer is yes if you include other countries that share those values, and who will add their strength to ours.

Interviewer: At least 2/3’s of the world don’t subscribe to the values of the west. Aren’t particular interested in embracing them. What do we say to them?

Richard Perle: Lets keep them at a maximum distance while trying to bring them around to our set of values.

The war to liberate Iraq is also a loud message to others in the region.

US Official: “That’s part of the reason to do it, to communicate to the Mullah’s that run Iran”… “the work they are doing, all of them, on weapons of mass destruction given the character and nature of their governments puts them very heavily at risk.”

Tony Blair may well have signed for a larger mission than he imagined, and when the costs are calculated he could be among the casualties. Even if the war succeeds he will be judged for having helped to validate a doctrine that could lead to many wars on the way to a New World Order that most of the world doesn’t want.

Project for a New American Century

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