Thoughts from a spineless Canadian

More recent opinion polls find a shift in Canadian’s attitudes towards supporting the US lead coalition in Iraq. There were several pro-war rallys in Canada this weekend. The most common advocates of siding with the US site the following reasons.

1) The Americans are our best allies. We should stick up for our friends because they are our friends.

2) If we don’t support the Americans we will suffer economic reprisals.

3) Canada’s inaction is a spineless move by a spineless government.

The Americans are our best friends. Friends should support one another, especially when they are threatened. In this situation is there really a threat? I believe friends should stand up to friends when they are in the wrong.

The same people who consider the Canadian government spineless want us to support the war because it might hurt us economically. Isn’t it more courageous to stand against what you don’t believe in than to give in just because of economic consequences?

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