War Lessons from Starcraft

War Lessons from Starcraft / The US is losing this war

Starcraft is a Real Time Strategy game. It teaches a few lessons about winning a war. As commander officer you direct your base to build different military units, you upgrade them and manage combat with other armies. Those who became good at the game generally became good at micromanagement”.

In Starcraft micromanagement is a method of managing your combat units in battle. The aim is to spend more time managing your forces in an effort to inflict more damage on your opponent than your opponent inflicts on you. Because different units require varying amounts of resources to build it was always better to win economically regardless of whether you had the last unit standing. The best exchanges were to take out a high cost unit with a low cost unit or take out multiple enemy units with fewer of your units. Who won the war was determined by economy as well as skill.

I believe the US Government is winning the military battle but in the long term they are jeopardizing their position on the world stage. For Operation Iraqi Freedom the US Government is spending a little less than 1% of its entire economy. To be able to afford this the US has to go in to debt.

The coalition will likely accomplish their objective of regime change but America’s enemies are winning in this situation. The war is sapping Billions of dollars out of the US economy. It is further isolating the US from its traditional allies. It seriously weakened the role of the United Nations. It is has fostered even more hatred and likely more terrorism.

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    no one said it was going to be easy to travel the narrow path

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