Pornography In Community

Pornography In Community

I administrate a network at a small bible college in rural Saskatchewan. Most students live on campus in dormitories. Currently we don’t provide Internet access in the dorms. It’s a non-issue now because we have very limited options in regard to high speed access. Our current situation is certainly less than ideal.

Even though student access to the Internet is only in very public areas we are still finding porn on the machines. This leaves us wondering how much the problem would increase if students had Internet access in their own rooms.

At this point I believe we should provide Internet access. Right now there are probably two main positions.

1) We already have rules in place to curb less wholesome entertainment. Giving students Internet access will certainly result in students downloading pornography. Some students, who have never had high speed internet access, will experience it for the first time. Many students don’t have the maturity to handle such an alluring temptation. Some may become addicted to porn at college. The use of pornography will have a significantly adverse influence on the spiritual life of the community. In short, porn causes a lot of problems.

2). If the statistics are accurate millions of Christians in North America regularly view pornography online. The church’s response has been muted at best. With many of its pastors and leaders struggling, it seems as though very few people know how to address this issue. If we provide students access to porn, we have the opportunity and the technology to catch people and begin to deal with the heart of the problem. It will also force us to learn how to deal with the problem. By limiting access we only delay the inevitable. Most people have to learn to deal with the temptation and the college will have the opportunity to teach them.

I believe that eventually the school will probably provide increased access to the Internet. More and more the Net is become an integral part of many people’s daily lives. When people start picking other colleges because they have Net access then the survival instinct will kick in

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