The gospel is for all times

The gospel is for all times

The gospel is for all times, all peoples, and all ages. Otherwise it is not the gospel.” Vincent Gammadion wrote this in a recent article over at theooze. Vincent is Orthodox and he offers a warning those who attempt to be culturally relevant. Cultures are in constant change and being relevant in one moment usually means being incredibly irrelevant in the next. Vincent points people to the richness of the Orthodox tradition with its long history. A tradition that is resistant to the passing fads that mark the shallowness of evangelicalism.

Vincent has a good point. The more the emerging church gets caught up with fancy worship, pomo buzz words and technology the more we insure our future cultural irrelevance. We need to hold to something that doesn’t change.

I’m not convinced the tradition of Orthodoxy is what we should adopt. A number of good friends of mine left evangelicalism for Orthodoxy. While I agreed with them that evangelicalism, and in particular North American evangelicalism, has some very major weaknesses I wasn’t interested in trading a young tradition for an old one. The reformation occurred for some very good reasons. Any tradition is corrupted over time.

There are a few things that should not change. God’s kingdom should be built in the hearts of people. His people should love one another and preserve the world from corruption. God’s power and Spirit should be evidenced in the lives of those that serve Him. We should bear fruit for God.

The church will be relevant when it delivers a message and walks in a power that changes people’s lives. Nothing is more relevant than redemption, healing and sincere community. Give me a church that is real, caring, and more dedicated to God than themselves and I’ll take it. I don’t care if we sing hymns or have a liturgy.

Very few churches are real. When I first started attending church” what I saw really bothered me. I didn’t know how to describe it until I learned the word pretense”. Today’s warmed over stale consumer gospel is not changing lives. We need to reexamine what it means to follow God because modernism has tainted our understanding. If the emerging church takes the same modernized consumer gospel and delivers it in a post-modern package we will be no further ahead.

I believe that the gospel is for all times and all ages, but the heart of that gospel is not a human tradition, but the love and power of God redeeming humanity regardless of the symbols and language we use to frame it.

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    Great blog today. I commented on your blog on my blog. i have enjoyed reading your thoughtful comments.

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