Internship Journal X


Last night I taught an evening class on Mormonism. I was anxious about this class for a couple of reasons. Evening classes are 3 times longer than a normal class. Last semester I received poor reviews from more than half of the students.

There were some obvious weaknesses in the evaluation form and I was evaluated in direct comparison to a very good veteran teacher. Despite these modifying factors I was devastated. I’m not used to failure and I discovered how much fear I have associated with failure. In the last few years much of what I’ve set my heart to do has been a success.

Last night I had 5 different students do a more in depth analysis and things came back much much better. I feel so much better. I was very well prepared for this class and I tried very hard to improve upon my main weak area which was structure and organization.

I have another 3 classes to teach next week on biblical ethics. I know a lot more about Mormons than I do about biblical ethics. I hope I can do as well.

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