New Group

Last night I really enjoyed being part of a small fellowship group. It was nice to share, be myself and pray. I hope this little community becomes the heart of what I would call church. I’ve been thinking a little bit about house church networks and the potential to use the Internet to pool teaching and discipleship resources.

  1. #1 by frank on January 23, 2003 - 11:37 am

    What kind of things were you thinking of in terms of networking. I realize that you said you’ve bee thinking “a little” about it. We are a house church in Southern Manitoba, near Steinbach. Kleefeld to be exact. I’ll be honest right from the start. We are older (almost antique) All 5 of us are 47+ I’d be interested in hearing more about your progress. I have a blog. at The purpose of the blog is for the encouragement and edification of the house church and other new forms of church. My first few blogs are about my personal history and a little rant about the way the church conducts it’s meeting.

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