Quote from Mark Strom

‘What is an evangelical?’ we ask.

‘Who cares?’ they respond.

‘Revive preaching!’ we cry.

‘No one’s listening!’ they respond.

‘Reinforce the theological foundations of authority and objectivity, ‘ we write to another.

‘You confuse the authority of the Bible and the gospel with your own needs for control and prestige,’ they accuse.

‘Tell them they will die without church and the preaching of the Word,’ we intone.

‘But Church and preaching killed us!’ they cry back.

‘But we know the bible and can teach you,’ we plead.

‘We are no longer in awe of you,’ they calmly reply. ‘Many of use are better educated and more well-read than you; we are no longer mystified by the canons and subtleties of exegesis and hermeneutic; we occupy positions of far greater professional and social responsibility; we have far greater experience of the world; we can teach as well or better than you; our conversations have life and meaning that your erudition and eloquence never match-so tell us, why do we need you?’

‘Your postmodern and therapeutic themes will cut you loose from the Bible and the gospel,” we warn.

‘Maybe, maybe not,’ they muse. ‘We choose that risk, for we simply cannot go back; we have not turned our backs on Jesus or the bible, only on your constraint of our lives; we look for new places where the Bible and the gospel may ring true again.’

Strom, Mark. Reframing Paul: Conversations in Grace & Community

(Downers Grove: Illinois, 2000), p 230-231.

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    Preach it!

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