My love for Modernism

My love for Modernism

I’m correcting a truck load of assignments today. I’m wading through and analyzing the students work and I see the awful taint of modern evangelicalism all over them.

This may seem weird but in my head I was speaking to modern evangelicalism it sounded a lot like Braveheart.

Robert (me): Die! I want you to die.

Leper (Modernism): Soon enough I’ll be dead.

Robert (Me): I don’t want anything from you. You’re not a man, and you’re not my father.

Ok, so I’m a bit weird. I found myself saying “Die! I want you to die!” quite a bit.

I’m listening to sappy 80’s music to tame my troubled heart. “I’ve been waiting for someone new, to make me feel alive, yeah waiting for a girl like you to come in to my life”. Ooooh, feel the synth!

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