Judgement is worth it

Judgement is worth it

Last spring I went through a terribly difficult time. My life was put under a microsope and not everyone liked what they saw. This is difficult. What made it more difficult is there was a mix of legitimate concerns and illegimate accusation. I was wounded through the whole process. To search for the truth I put myself through the ringer and gathered positive and negative feedback from people that knew me well.

I limped through to the end of the year happy to return to a summer of programming and websites. It hurt. It sucked, but I’m starting to see some benefits.

Recently someone accused me of being arrogant. It is a character trait that has certainly manifested itself in the past. Before I started a long introspective/seeking God type of journey to determine the depths of my sin I remembered the agonizing process I went through last spring. Out of all the feedback I received nobody came out to say that I was arrogant. Once you submit yourself to a microsope, other peoples opinions don’t bother you as much.

Sometimes the judgement we receive isn’t fair. But once we go through it we can help others through it as well. A good friend here at the college was struggling with his reputation. His reputation, like most, isn’t accurate.

(I’m sometimes appalled at how much people talk like they know somebody when they really don’t. The problem of gossip isn’t that people talk, it’s that people feel they have the right to hold an uninformed opinion.)

It was good to be able to convey all the things I learned through the process to encourage him. Plus I knew the words he needed to hear to bolster his confidence.

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