This week I’m experiencing some fallout from an article I wrote in the college newspaper. The governing student committee formulated a vision statement that I felt was weak. So I wrote a short criticism of the vision statement in the school newspaper. I had no idea who actually wrote the vision, I was criticizing it from a ideological perspective.

I received praise for the article from at least one member of faculty and the paper itself has received nothing but rave reviews from students.

This isn’t the first time I’ve made someone upset with me. Usually I’m pretty quick to back down and play nice. This time I think I’m going to hold my ground. I believe whole heartedly what I wrote was legitimate, thoughtful criticism. I don’t desire to hurt anyones feelings, least of all my friends. I am genuinely concerned that I’ve caused a good friend whom I respect some discomfort. However, I must hold to my convictions.

In the church we are often far too timid to address bad theology. We value a stale harmony over the truth. Why are we so afraid to disagree? Are we so sensitve that people can’t challenge us.

We need real discernment.

  1. #1 by chris on October 30, 2002 - 1:18 pm

    Hey LT, just wanted to check out your commenting.. I assume you wrote it yourself. Although I think the name should be LT’s L33t Blog, but that’s just the haX0r in me talking.

    Thanks for putting my link up – but you can update it to point straight to http://www.mennoboy.com, my new home away from home.

    To make this relevant to the original post, I agree that the church does err on the side of being sensitive rather than address “bad theology.” It’s much easier to coast than to have to actually think about what you’re doing/saying.

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