Internship Journal II

Internship Journal II – Excellent Class

I just finished teaching the 5th of a set of 5 classes. I have to conclude that I really love teaching. This is especially true when I teach stuff that can really change lives. Talking about brokeness and surrender in relation to what Paul writes in Romans 6 is a little more exciting than headcoverings in 1Corinthians. All in all its good.

Through the whole teaching process I’ve identified that the teacher needs to establish trust. Those you are teaching are better able to learn when they know the teacher and can relate to them. The more the students got to know me, the more they were at ease to participate and enter in to the conversation.

I have to say that I was really inspired today. What I saw in the class room gave me hope that the church really can inspire people to significantly deepen, or begin an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ. This might seem like a no brainer to those who have seen church ministries change lives. It’s seem so very rare to me.

I’ve learned that I often say “you” instead of “we” when I talk or teach. For example I might say “You really need to experience brokenness for God to change your life” instead of “We really need”. My friend Mark Trew pointed that out to me this weekend. Although when I said “you” I usually meant “we”, it gives people the impression that I don’t lump myself in what I’m saying. I found myself doing that in class today, so I think that is something I’m going to look out for.

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