Internship Journal

Internship Journal

Once a week I’m supposed to write down my reflections on how my internship is helping me achieve my goals. I have 11 different types of tasks and I’m supposed to reflect on each one. I look at the long list of stuff and I really don’t know where to begin.

The biggest failing of academics in the realm of discipleship is the necessity of measuring people by a common standard. The whole process is depersonalized. I can’t simply reflect on how the Internship has helped as a whole, I need to comment in 11 different categories. To fulfill the requirements I would likely have “BS” my way through my reflections. In my first 2 months I’ve found the following.

People change, learn and grow at bible school

Unlike many ministries I’ve encountered this type has some success. People come out of bible school with bible knowledge and some ministry experience. Most aren’t ready for fulltime ministry but they are more ready at the end then when they started.

People want to be inspired

If you challenge people in the right way they do respond. If you are authentic and honest and earnestly desire the best for the people you minister to the people respond. I love teaching classes when people are expecting to have their life changed.

Teaching Methods

Standing up and talking to group of people who are compelled to sit and listen to you isn’t the most effective way to impart knowledge or inspiration. The best kinds of teachers create a learning environment where self discovery happens. More and more I’m trying to challenge people with hard questions so they are spurred on to find answers. I’d really like to blow their minds with some hard core post-modern stuff, but I think I’ll leave that to Joel Mowchenko.

Correcting Assignments

Academics tempts people to do what they can to get the best mark, rather than learn. In correcting some assignments many people copy answers out of the text book. It’s really humerous when they look for the right answer in the text and quote the position opposite of which the author holds. It’s even more funny when the answer they give is so ridiculous it is obvious they really didn’t think about what they were doing. I do enjoy marking. It helps my analysis skills. It gives me insight to the mind and character of the average evangelical Christian.

Institution values vrs Kingdom values

There seems to be a subtle but prevelant deception that can occur in any religious instution. People become more focused on the ideals and workings of the instution than that of the kingdom of God or common sense. Ministry work becomes so consuming that there is less time and less inclination to connect with people on a signficant level.

I haven’t observed a lot of people striving or struggling to pursue ministry excellence. It’s a little easier for me because I’m a rookie and my growth areas can be rather obvious. I have to be pursuing excellence just so I can work at the same level as the people around me. I don’t see a lot of people thinking about how they can improve their personal minstry.

Lack of Urgency

In my mind the church is in dire trouble. It’s influence on the world is waning. There is a serious lack of leaders and leadership at the pastoral level. The people in the church aren’t much different than the people outside. These facts lead me to the conclusion that radical change is require to reverse this trend. At school I see very little sense of urgency, and even less willingness to follow courageous change.

There is more than I could talk about…perhaps tomorrow.

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