Website Reflections

I get a lot of feedback from this website. It’s been around for a few years and I am happy to see how it has developed. I’m amazed by some of the different perceptions people have of me. There is one group that thinks my openess and my candid searching is some sign of spiritual illness which they feel compelled to fix. There are some that seem to think I’m some spiritual superstar or something. I think I’m definitely in between.

It’s odd how some people lack the research skills to go a little deeper. I have writings on here that date back to Jan 2000. People respond to what I wrote 2 years ago without taking the time to read a little further. It’s funny how some are so quick to admonish “in love” yet don’t take the time to truly understand the situation. There is stuff that I’ve written that I would say differently today. I don’t remove the old stuff because the purpose of this site is not to be right, but to be authentic.

The last 6 years I’ve looked for the answers to two questions. What does it mean to be a Christian? What does it mean to be the church? In many ways I don’t have the same struggle I had with church. It isn’t as though many of my negative suspicions haven’t proved true. They have. It’s just that I’ve realized they don’t matter as much as I thought they did. I see God working. It’s no excuse for church leaders to carry on ignorant of our collective failings but it is enough to give me hope. Last fall I became immersed again in the church subculture. About every 4 months I have experienced something that makes me want to run my head in to the wall. I think I’m surviving.

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