Where am I going?

I’ve finished another year of school. I can hardly believe that God has brought me through it. I was so scared because I was afraid that I would sink myself in to debt. As it turned out I managed to go to school for 2 semesters and come out in just about the same shape I went in. Funny, thats exactly what God told me at the beginning. For me it isn’t always trusting in God that I struggle with, its trusting that I am hearing Him correctly. Maybe its the same thing.

It wasn’t until I saw some solid fruit that I began to feel better about going back to school. Now I face another question. Is God calling me to work inside the boundaries of the system focused on Him and His people? On the other hand am I called to stretch, change and even break the system? I have no great love for the religious machinery that runs the church. I’ve seen first hand that God does work through it. God has changed the lives of people here at school. I’ve also seen how it limits us. We have settled for scraps when we can have the whole meal. I have much more grace for people and systems that mystify me nowadays. Still I can’t deny the desire in me to see revolutionary change.

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