The Danger in the Middle East

Are we yet aware of the danger that in the Middle East the United Nations may come to be regarded and mistrusted and hated as the guardian of the New World Order—the New Age trappings for the old Humanistic conspiracy of the Left and Right together? The danger of Russia and the United States is the seen danger, and a grave one it is. Seen, it must in time be settled by peace or war. The danger of the Orient versus Occident—of Islamic culture versus Christian culture-seems as yet unseen. That could be ruinous. We may well succumb to it from not seeing. We must not assume in the days ahead that the crisis in the Middle East can be solved through military alliance, political connivance, or strategic initiative. Beware of the politicians or the coalitions that propose such a solution—they may be fairly regarded, whether from the Left or the Right as part of the same entrenched interests that have stood against the Christian faith and have fought for a mechanical imposition of the New Age or the New World Order since the time of the fall.”

Kermit Roosevelt (Youngest son of Theodore Roosevelt) Written in 1949.

Quoted by David L. Johnson in his work Theodore Roosevelt: American Monarch.

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