Message to Anzac List – Attacks In America

Dear friends,
My name is Andrew Strom and some of you
may remember me as the founder of this List. I handed it over
to Robert as Moderator a couple of years ago. The urgency of
unfolding events and the fact that Robert is stuck in the USA
has brought me back to the helm for a time. There are some
very urgent and important prophetic items to put before you all.

Below is an email I sent out two days after the recent cataclysm
under the title – “HORN” OF U.S FINANCIAL POWER -GONE.
There were quite a few confirmations of it, but also a few people
who questioned whether it was somehow ‘Anti-American’. This
is absolutely not the case, but I guess it is a pretty sensitive
time for many Americans. I have re-read the email several
times and it does not come across that way to me, but as I
said it is a pretty sensitive issue. The overall message to me
is that ‘Revival’ may be about to begin.

As some of you know, my wife and I have felt a call to America
for some years. We love that nation and have friends all over.
So no way are we “anti” American. We love the country and the
people. But if God says that the “Horn” is gone then it is gone.
I cannot back down on a single element of what I said in that
email. However, I certainly apologised for any offense caused.
Here, basically, is a condensed version of the email:

I just wanted to make a comment from a ‘Prophetic’ viewpoint
on the shocking and mind-numbing events of the past two days.

I know that people are still reeling from the horror and devastation
that they have seen. But I am wanting here to put this event into
a wider prophetic context. I was praying today and I believe God
HAS COME DOWN. Now this is very significant not just for the USA
but for the entire world. We have to realise that the “Twin Towers” of
the ‘WORLD TRADE CENTRE’ were literally at the centre of the world
financial system. A “horn” is always symbolic of power and strength.
And now it is gone. I believe this could be very prophetic.

The other thing that fell along with that Tower was the enormous
“MEDIA” array on top of it, including TV transmission masts, etc.
This is also enormously significant, for the US has led the world
in terms of massive media influence and output for years. This era
may also be coming to an end.

Now despite the alarm that all this might bring – I believe we
are also entering a tremendous new era in the spirit. Robert
Holmes received a prophecy from God on Dec 5 2000 that
2001 would see the “release of the Sons of Thunder” (-new
music) and also the beginning of the ‘Civil War’ in the church.
I believe this is accurate (-though I have always hated the
thought of a Civil War in the church). We have entered a
whole new era in the spirit. It is starting right now.

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