The Church needs to read 1Corinthians 1 and 2

In the last few years I’ve gone through a revolution in understanding the nature of the Christian life. I started by asking “What does it mean to be a Christian”. This question is much like a similar question in the Movie, The Matrix. What is the Matrix? You know that there something wrong. Something you can’t explain, but it exsists like a splinter in your brain.

Those that think traditional Christendom answers all of lifes questions, are people that never bothered to ask hard questions. There are some verses in the New Testament that, if taken seriously should begin to unravel our understanding of Christianity. Much like Luther and “the just shall live by faith” challenged the Christendom of his day. I believe we need a few more Luthers to unravel the “Matrix” of traditional Christian thought.

In some cases there are entire chapters that we need to take seriously. The 1st and 2nd chapters of 1Corinthians are a stark contrast to the life of the Christian church.

In this letter Paul is writing to a group of Christians that have developed some serious schisms. Many proclaiming themselves a follower of one Christian or another.

In Paul’s response he comdemns sectarianism, but what many don’t catch is that he gives us some hints as to why sectarianism is so foolish. Paul’s mission was to preach the gospel, Christ crucified. He felt that if he tried to enhance this gospel in anyway with human wisdom, he would nullify the effect. The gospel, is complete foolishness to those that actually think. Its only to them that are called Christ is the power of God and the wisdom of God.

I’m no expert on free will versus the sovereignty of God, but’s clear from scripture and my own experience that God is sovereign, He does what He wants. Some people have received his revelation in abundance, and others seem to have none.

When you understand the nature of how the gospel is spread, you see that sectarianism is adding human wisdom to the gospel. People have departed from the heart of the gospel and tailored it according to their own bias or understanding. Eventually people come to tailor different versions of the same gospel, and they end up with conflicting understandings.

The gospel is a mystery, and spiritual knowledge is imparted by the Holy Spirit. Once you begin to supplement the gospel with human wisdom you kill its power.

The church has always tried to impart the gospel through human understanding rather than relying on the Holy Spirit. The result is multitudes of people walking, talking and acting like they know the gospel, but the mystery has yet to be revealed to them. There are others that feel that they have reached a deeper understanding than the masses, but are just retailoring the gospel according their bias rather than accept the common version. In the end we have a self powered church gradually losing its influence in society.

We must let go of our bias and let the word of God lead us back to God. A fundamental shift needs to occur in Christian education and theological study. We should approach the word with the assumption that there is something wrong in our understanding that needs to be fixed. We must search for spiritual understanding in the person of Jesus Christ, and let the Holy Spirit guide us.

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