Buddy Taping

Hi, SheepTrax!

My friend Mike Woelk tells me it is sometimes used as a euphemism for
getting beat up by your spouse – I didn’t – but I did manage to actually
fall down the stairs last week. In fact, I fell hard. I woke up drenched
in cold coffee and, so my wife tells me, screaming unnecessarily. She
claims men feel their pain more deeply than is usually called for.

As the result of my ungracious tumble, I fractured my tailbone, bruised a
rib, jammed bones in my neck together, and broke my now very black and
blue right little toe. If you never had the pleasure of watching medical
professionals struggle to keep a straight face while X-raying your
exposed backside, believe me, it’s a hoot. It was all I could do to remain
still for the X-ray.

I was dreading the thought of being imprisoned in some sort of itchy body
cast for terminal weeks on end. I was surprised when I discovered the
only lasting remedy for these sort of injuries is time. I now sit on
pillows and dread the thought walking to the bathroom. I have discovered
excruciating new levels of discomfort that heighten the meaning of the
word pain. My little hallowed reading room has become my own personal iron
maiden. The only thing, other than those blessed little pain pills, that
has helped speed my healing is the buddy taping of my toes.

It must be middle age approaching, but I have never broken bones before.
Shattered spinal discs, sure, but not bones. Last Christmas an eager young
man who worked for me accidentally dropped a case of jelly on my right
hand and broke my pinky. There was this unnatural snapping sound followed
by a pulse of silence shattered by a piercing shriek that I was quite
surprised to discover originating in my throat. Yep, my little finger was
broken. Alas, I waited too long for medical treatment and now it’s either
pay someone to re-break my finger or get used to it’s slightly crooked
appearance. Except when some overeager ape grabs my hand to briskly
it doesn’t bother me too much anymore.

My compassionate, lovely daughter Amber Jade leaned down to kiss `Daddy’s
boo-boo toes.’ It was really touching untilshe stood up and promptly
stepped on them. The unexpected pain jolt felt like getting your head
stuck in an active meat grinder.

God is always teaching me object lessons about His Body using my body as a
kind of spiritual Mr. Science Lab. My physician taught me how to buddy
tape my broken toe to the healthy toe next to it. Whatever happens to the
healthy toe now happens to the broken on and vice verse. They have become
one through union with the medical tape. By using my unbroken toe as a
kind of splint, my little toe now has an excellent chance of healing
correctly. Unlike my crooked pinky, the little toe will appear normal.

The Bible speaks of us as being “members of one body.” When I tumbled down
the stairs, only a few places in my body were really injured, but the rest
of my body is still suffering from the fall. My taped toes cause me to
limp, which gave me Charlie-horses in my left leg. My busted bottom has
transformed the simple acts of sitting and standing to a near Olympian
events. When one part suffers, the whole body suffers.

How fitting after a fall that one uninjured part of my body would be the
perfect healing compliment to hold my broken toe in place. In a few weeks,
assuming all goes well, the buddy tape will come off and my little toe
will be as good as new. Unlike my broken pinky, which stood alone thought
it eventually healed, my baby toe will not be crooked.

If life has dealt you a smashing blow, ask God to buddy tape your soul to
the soul of someone who is spiritually healthy. Sure, you might eventually
get over it alone but I suspect you’ll be a bit crookeder and slightly out
of shape for the rest of your life. We humans were made to need each
other. Needing other people is not a design flaw in Creation. If you’ll
allow yourself to be buddy taped to someone in better shape than you,
you’ll find yourself healing and growing straight and strong again.

And who knows, during your buddy taping, you may make a buddy. In this
bone-breaking world we live in, it’s a good and godly thing to have a few
close friends.

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