Tainted Sacrifice

On two occasions during the praise and music part of our service I have
undergone an intense experience which I believe to be a message from

As the music flowed around the church, as people clapped and sang and
praised the Lord, I felt an invisible shell harden around me. The music
was beautiful but it couldn’t touch me. As I experienced this a great
sorrow filled me and tears came. It dawned on me that this was what God
was feeling at that moment. People were making music and praising Him but
it did not touch His heart and that left Him sad.

I wondered why and it grew clear. Praise and worship music is meant to be
a sacrifice. And God can’t accept a tainted sacrifice. Cain’s sacrifice
was refused by God because his heart wasn’t in the right condition. Jesus
also told us that if we come to the altar with our sacrifice and remember
that we have something out of harmony with our brother, then leave the
sacrifice there, go and be reconciled with our brother, then return and
offer the sacrifice. Also the church as a whole is in a state of
lukewarmness. Many are mistaking a lively, dynamic service as being
somehow able to make up for a complacent apathetic week of Christian

People are not being honest and real through the week, are not mending
damaged relationships, are living in intentional sins, and then expect to
walk into Sunday service and praise God for His goodness…..and expect to
have that praise accepted!!!!

We should be challenging our churches to get real with God before we
bother with Sunday music. God is not currently accepting the praise of
many, because they are offering tainted sacrifices.

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