Fighting for His Truth, not my opinion.

I believe that to be Christian one must follow Christ. This doesn’t necessarily mean following peoples interpretation of Christ. The apostles had different ideas of who Christ is and what He was doing. Despite this they were all following Him. They were all His apostles, his ambassadors.

With there beliefs rooted in the law, prophets and writings they still came up with different ideas of what the Messiah should be. Was Simon the Zealot ignoring scripture when he shared his tent with Matthew the tax collector. Were these men of Israel ignoring the law of God when they allowed sinners to cry at Jesus’ feet. They put aside the human laws they had built in their heart so they could follow Him. The hang ups that people had were understandble but still petty.

The western world has rejected Christ because people have fought to control to minds and hearts of people through fear, guilt, politics, and witchcraft. They recognize the hypocrisy rampant in the ranks of those who claim to follow Christ. They are confused by so many voices telling them “this is the way”. How can anyone know what the truth really is?

The sin of our self righteousness, of our unholy crusades has alienated millions from the gospel. We get bogged down over whether women can be senior pastors, whether “seeker sensitive” is a legitimate church model, or speaking in tongues is the sole evidence of the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

We don’t care that much when we violate God’s law, but we sure get up in arms when someone violates our law.

We rightly accuse the world of its perversion, but the world doesn’t know any better. Christ didn’t call the world salt and light. The church is His salt and light, and if darkness is rampant, it isn’t the fault darkness. It’s a lack of light.

It is for these reasons that I don’t participate this multi sided civil war that the church engages in.

I will take up spiritual arms against those I know that twist and distort the gospel. I know these people by their fruit, and I am careful to recognize the difference between human offence, and dark spiritual fruit.

In a round about way I am saying there are times to stand for what is true. But it is imperative that your standing for the truth, not just your version of it. There is precious little I truly know about Jesus and the Gospel. I am ready to follow Him and let Him replace my heart with His heart, my law for His law.

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