God Exists

I hate to say it, but people are dumb. I don’t understand how people can come to the conclusion that God doesn’t exist. It’s amazing how our society elevates science to the point where theories become facts. How people will blindly believe what someone puts in a text book, but refuse to believe in God because it requires faith.

I have a friend that thought the mapping of the human genome somehow proved that God didn’t exists. That if we could map the genome, the next obvious step would be the creation of our own life forms.

I look at it a bit differently. I see the human genome as a 4bit programming code. In that code is the blueprints of life. Doesn’t this provide some evidence that this code is the product of someone’s design. If you see a cave in the mountains. It’s form is random and it seems to serve no particular purpose its quite plausible that it happened by chance. If you see a cave, with perfect rounded edges, and you find the blueprints for the cave inside and the cave matches the blueprints exactly, wouldn’t think you think someone designed it. Add 100 billions years of random structural changes in the earths crust you aren’t going to get a perfectly designed cave with the blueprints inside.

In fact the dna of the simplest living organisms is much more complex than a cave. The chances life forming by chance is 10 x 10 about 50 times to 1. You can 60 Billion years of chances, and its still not going happen. This is just to make a one celled organism, imagine the chances of a human being evolving from that.

I’m a web programmer, so I know what “code” is. People make code. Code doesn’t happen by itself. Sometimes I might have wished it did.

I learned something else about genetics on a secular television show this weekend. We share 99% of our dna with chimps. Our DNA doesn’t make up who we are completely. There is something that makes us human that isn’t found in our genetic code.

A friend was sharing a story about one of her relatives. She was in a third world country and was very ill. Her stomach kept getting larger and larger. The doctors didn’t know what was causing it. They had her in for surgery so they could get a better idea of what was causing the problem. This women prayed fervently for the Lord to heal her because she didn’t want surgery. A bright light appeared in the room. A man appeared and started to rub her stomach. It made some strange noises. When the man had left the woman was healed! Her stomach had returned to normal. The doctors returned to her and found her praising God! They joined in!

If there is no God, how can you explain that? Was it the power of her mind? There is no solid scientific evidence that proves the mind can do such things. There are sponanteous healings that don’t involve the christian faith but that doesn’t mean God doesn’t bless those He chooses to bless. The gaps in science are filled with blind faith by those who choose they would rather not acknowledge the truth. People say, well we just haven’t learned how that happens yet. People do exactly what they accuse religious people of doing. They make up things to explain the things they don’t understand. I don’t have to make up anything, I see the truth right in front of me. There is enough evidence for a willing heart to see!

How many people have to be healed through prayer before the world will believe. How many people have to be changed by God before the church will believe.

I believe.

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