Beware the False Prophets!

Throughout the past months, I have been deluged with email from self
proclaiming “Prophets”, “Apostles” and “Messengers of God”, who are either
teaching “Another Gospel”, or proclaiming a message from God, when God is
not speaking (to them) at all!!! Beloved, I cannot stress enough the
importance of testing the spirits whenever you see, read or hear from
anyone proclaiming “revelation” from God!

The Internet is a wonderful tool – when used properly. It is also an evil
tool of tremendous force when used incorrectly; when used by those who
wish to deceive, distort or destroy the very faith that we know through
Jesus Christ. All too often, I am presented with letters from those who
are new or weak in their faith, or whose concept of Christianity has been
distorted by some teaching or other that they have discovered on the
Internet. It is presumed that just because something is “published”, that
it must have credence and credibility. This is a lie!

Anybody with a computer and a phone line can receive free access to the
Internet, and once online, they are free to publish and promote their
rubbish to a world anxious to receive news from “GOD”! For the past six
months I have been witnessing to a sister whose faith is troubled by doubt
and insecurity over the matter of her salvation through Jesus Christ.
Recently, I discovered the source of her grief:

An Internet Web Site that she found, told her that salvation through Jesus
Christ comes only AFTER she begins walking on the narrow path of obedience
and discipleship. She, and unknown others, have been told that until
she/they can shed every sin from her life, she/they remain(s) lost! I
strenuously pointed to the Book of Galatians, and cited the reality of
“Another Gospel” being presented to her. I forcefully reminded her that
she was saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, and that the Holy
Spirit comes once a proclamation of that faith in Jesus is made… And, I
reminded her that only in the Spirit of God is the faith walk possible at

Faith comes first, obedience and discipleship follow closely. Sadly, she
has not written back! Elsewhere, I am receiving letters from the “Apostle
of North America” and his minions, who are telling me that I must “report”
to this “Apostle” in order to, “Receive your final cleansing, instruction
and salvation.” Can you imagine the gall? I am supposed to check-in with
this guy to receive my “salvation”???

On a similar front, I recently received another “prophetic message” from a
group of “Apostles” who want me to send proof of my conversion – and
visitation from God – so that I can be accepted (by them) into the
“official ranks” of the end time Apostles of Jesus Christ………… May
God have mercy!

And finally, there are the false prophets who are proclaiming their
messages! What truly is amazing about these later day prophets though, is
that their messages are frequently accompanied by a disclaimer. For
instance, and in case you didn’t know, the rapture was supposed to occur
on June 10th., 2000. (Oh, were you out of that loop?)

Anyway, this “prophetic word” spread like wildfire over the Internet – but
a disclaimer accompanied the message (which I can only imagine was
supposed to “save the prophet” from ridicule when the event did not take
place). The disclaimer? “If the event does not take place, it is because
God changed His mind”…. Do I hear a collective, DUH???

While many in Christ are mature enough to see through these deceptions,
brethren, we must stand firm in our faith against these false
practitioners. And, we must rebuke them in the loving humility of Jesus
Christ, whenever we can. But, we must not associate with them – or read
their publications – or support them in any manner. Bad company corrupts
good morals!

As the world races toward the end of this age, and as we near the return
of our Lord and Savior, prepare your hearts for an intense spiritual
battle. Prepare your hearts and minds with the fullness of God’s Word, and
do not become distracted by that which is false. When Jesus appoints His
“Apostles”, no man will intervene! When Jesus appoints His “Prophets”, no
error will be found! When Jesus appoints His “Laborers”, the focus will
not be on “me”, “mine” or “I”, but will always point to the fullness of
salvation through Jesus Christ!

Embed these truth’s in your heart, beloved. God (and His Love) never
fails! I remain faithfully and humbly yours in Christ Jesus,

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