I believe there is a great transition coming to the body
of Christ. What this will look like I do not fully know.
I do know this, at His last coming His own rejected Him
because they knew Him not. They had a religious system
that had no room for Him. A system built on the letter of the
law and not the spirit of it. A system built on
performance without relationship, sacrifice without

Even those who Jesus called out from this system totally
missed the purpose of His coming. He walked with them for
three years, shared meals with them, raised the dead
before their eyes. And yet when it came time for His
death, they were totally taken by surprise. They lost all
hope, they were scattered like frightened sheep before
the wolf. It is only when Jesus appeared before them
resurrected that they began to understand.

I do not believe our transition will come any easier. We
have had many years to develop our own religious system.
I do not stand in judgment of it. I am a product of it. I
can not point my finger, I can not call down words of
judgment, I can not criticize. All I can do is cry out
for my eyes to be opened and for my ears to hear His

For those who have been given grace to see their own
religious bondage, do not walk in pride. Your only
protection is to clothe yourselves in humility. For those
who have read “The Final Quest”, I believe there are many
who are now walking off in deception. If we simply judge
the old system without owning it’s sin as our own, we
will just trade the old system for a new one and will be
twice the son of hell as we were in the beginning.

His grace shall sustain those who seek it. His mercy
comes new every morning for those who come to drink of
it. Seek relationship above performance and obedience
before sacrifice. Lay down your plans and desires for
this world and take on the life of a solider living for
the next. What ever grace and wisdom you may find, do not
use it to look down on others, but instead use it to
lower yourself to raise others up. Do not grow weary,
Watch and pray that you may be delivered in this day.

The Fathers Grace and Mercy to you,

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