For Who He Is and What He's Done

I’ve often wondered why the church is so powerless. Even those that attempt to walk in the Spirit and believe in the miraculous walk with such little power. We seem to have more than enough of God’s power to entertain ourselves at our little meetings. When it comes to empowered evangelism or service we come up empty. It’s even more rare outside the confines of our buildings and “crusades”.

A few years ago I noticed that God would empower my speach at certain occasions. Usually in a conversation with someone the Holy Spirit would just take over and amazing things would come out of my mouth. Amazing things would happen. I am often stunned at how God has used me spontaneously.

Then when I’d be scheduled to preach I would prepare for hours, go up and speak and it was just me. No GOD. Where did He go, or where did I go?

I asked the Lord why this was the case. He told me that when I spoke spontanously it was for Him. I had no agenda, no axe to grind, no alterior purpose. When I preached my sermons it was more for me, than it was for Him. He said what I wanted to see happen is often very similar to what he wants to see happen, but I must give up my agenda, and make Him my agenda. He also said that in my preparation for my messages I relied more on my own abilities and training than Him.

Although I have no scripture passages to expound upon with this I’ve come to two conclusions.

  • God’s power is more available when we are completely dependant on it
  • God releases His power to those He trusts. He empowers those who refuse to soil the work of His ministry with their selfish ambition and petty agendas. Those that have made God their purpose.

A friend of mine discovered a truth that changed his life. It was while at a seminary he did an assignment on motivations. He found that those that served the Lord in the bible did things for two main reasons. They did it because of who He is and what He’s done.

I think this is a good test for us today. I believe that if what wanted revival because of who He is and what He’s done, we would have revival. But we want revival for ourselves, and until that changes we will never know true revival.

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