It's Time to Prepare for the Harvest

4th March 2000

About two weeks ago, I had two almost identical dreams. In the dreams I found
myself at the waters edge of either an enormous lake or an ocean (there were
no waves whatsoever) and saw many groups of people getting ready for some
fishing. There were boats of all sorts, shapes, sizes and colours and every one
had some form of net or nets, which also varied in the same way. As I
approached, I could see that some were machine driven. There were winches,
which let huge nets out and pulled them back to the boat. Some of these
winches were steam driven devices; almost ancient relics and some were
modern state of the art devices. Other boats had nets manipulated by ropes
and pulleys, which were deployed by hand. Others again were standing in their
boats and throwing cast nets.

The methods employed were equally diverse. There were boats with one
person only and others had a two-man crew. By standing in the stern, a cast
net was thrown out for a catch. Some boats let their nets down over the side.
Other larger boats with more crewmembers trawled in straight lines, dragging
their nets behind them. Others let their nets out behind and circled around the
fish before drawing the nets in. Even the nets differed extensively.

The whole scene indicated diversity and busy-ness, but it seemed to dwindle
and the fishermen became either almost inactive, or the hauls diminished.

As I drew closer and engaged in conversation with the people, I was invited to
join them and found myself going from boat to boat. The conversations became
serious… about the methods and efficiencies of each method of fishing and at
times almost got “heated” but in a very friendly way. They asked me to help
and as I went from boat to boat, showed each in turn how to let down their nets
and retrieve them. I saw myself there in the thick of it all, with my sleeves
rolled up and grabbing hold of the nets and assisting everyone in pulling them
aboard. It was hard work, and I could see that I was hot and sweaty from the
exertions but it was very enjoyable and excited, so also seemed easy.

The catches were immense. There were all sorts of fish and crabs and lobsters
and prawns and they were amazingly varied in all sorts of sizes, shapes and
colours. Not one unwanted fish such as sharks etc. were in the nets. As we
say here, not one rubbish fish was evident.

During these dreams, most of the people I saw were, to me, foreigners and
nearly everyone seemed dark skinned.

This evening as I was trying to go to sleep, the scene was refreshed in my
memory and I saw that the people were all races and colours and the Lord was
sharing with me that what I saw was not for me alone as I initially thought. The
words, “This was not just for you, this is for the church. The church must know
this”. As I stirred myself and went to my study, the Lord started saying to me
to “Tell the church to start getting ready for harvest”. The following is what was

“The church has laboured for too long, catching little harvests of souls here and
there. There have been times when many men and women have been swept
into the kingdom, but many have also slipped through the nets, or escaped
capture. As with the various boats and the fishermen, the church has
employed many means but has not yet hauled in the harvest of souls that is
being prepared for the catch. The time has come for the church to learn how to
catch fish. When that lesson has been learned, the hauls will be so vast and
so extensive, the usual means, principles and methods hitherto used will no
longer suffice.

Many people will be swept into the kingdom of God in supernatural means.
Supermarkets will see people fall to their knees as the Holy Spirit descends on
them. Football stadiums will feel the impact of the visitation and there will be
people here and people there who have been schooled by the Holy Ghost, to
haul in the nets. Busy office blocks and crowded elevators will be scenes of
one-on-one evangelism with an impact. Hotels will become meeting places
where strangers will embrace in prayer.

The time for catching and retaining fish, small and large is coming, but you,
the church, must learn how to let down your nets for a draft. Your old methods
will on longer work, neither will modernism “new methods”. When the church
begins to let down the nets on the right side of the boat, the Spirit of the Living
God will summon the haul for the catch. Learn. Learn”.

“Fishermen will stand along the shore; from En Gedi to En Eglaim there will be
places for spreading nets. The fish will be of many kinds–like the fish of the
Great Sea. But the swamps and marshes will not become fresh; they will be
left for salt.” (Ezek 47:10,11)

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