What is it like on the inside of the campaign?

What is it like on the inside of the campaign?

I’m neck deep in my first political campaign and I have to say I like it.  Politics is a lot like church.  A group of people gathered for a common goal.  There are committees, staff, volunteers, and dessert squares.  People are fairly genuine and fun to work with.  Volunteers are treated very well, and I feel very accepted in the group.

What makes Liberals distinct from the NDP and the Conservatives is not ideology.  It is the lack of ideology.  If I had to rename the Liberal party I would call it the pragmatic party.  I think this is how there can be so many left leaning Liberals and right leaning Liberals.  The Party has a big enough tent to hold them, and all ideas are acceptable as long as they can work.

Chris Axworthy is a lot of fun to work with.  He comes across very knowledgeable.  He has provided me an a very insightful colour commentary on this election.  He definitely knows how to win an election.  By having him on side in Saskatoon I think the Liberals have boosted their chances of winning significantly.  He brings credibility and expertise.

One interesting side note is the lawn sign war.  There are Chris Axworthy signs are everywhere in the Saskatoon portion the riding, and the Conservatives are almost non existent.  This is really odd because in 2000 the Alliance won the riding with over 50% of the vote.  The NDP have a strong showing in their traditional area but I think they made a mistake.  After it rained a number of signs disappeared.  Not sure if they had poorly built signs or whether someone kicked them over. 

There are many behind the scenes mechanics that go in to an election.  A lot of it is identifying your supporters and focusing your efforts on the people that could vote either way.  From what Scott tells me about the NDP they do the same thing.  I don’t think I’m revealing any secrets. 

  1. #1 by lylem on May 29, 2004 - 12:31 am

    From what I understand,alot of effort is spent getting people out to vote. The “grassroots” effort works, because they manage to get the people out who would vote for them. In the US, if the Democrats could get the minorities out to vote, they would win in a landslide! When you only get 30% of the people voting, getting people to the polls make a big difference.

    So remember to vote! It is your country.

  2. #2 by lylem on May 29, 2004 - 12:46 am

    From the dictionary…

    Liberal…broad-minded, tolerant of different views and standards of behavior in others

    It reminds me of a discussion I heard with James Carville. Someone asked him why he thought the Democrat party is not as strong as the Republican. He thought it was because they were too diverse and it was really hard to get everyone to march to one beat.

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