Sask Porn Party

It looks like the NDP are as desperate to hold on to power as Hitler was to keep Stalingrad. An attack ad aired on TV accusing the Saskatchewan Party of wanting to sell off our beloved government owned corporations. As the letters fade off you can definitely see what is remaining. Now it is very possible that they used a general animation effect for the fading letters and that is just the way it turned out. Convenient though…isn’t it? Here I thought it was in the Internet was for porn!

You know, politics in Saskatchewan kind of depresses me. We have the knights of monetary madness blowing spending records and running deficits during an economic boom. Next up we have a potential government in wanting hoping that if they don’t say anything they can ride our collective disaffection for the NDP in to office. I just wandered over to the SaskParty website to look for some sign of policy. I can read Brad Wall’s vision to rebuild Saskatchewans released in 2004. Guys, umm the attack ads have been launched it might be time to release some policy that reflects the latter half of the decade.

It is kinda sad that the Sask Party really could get owned right out of the gate. While the SaskParty can blather on all they want about how Saskatchewanians won’t fall for these scare tactics again they are allowing this election to be hinged on who they are and not on the NDP’s dismal record on health care, the environment or government spending. I still think the Saskparty will win this thing but I don’t think they can just coast to victory.

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