Patrick Leahy on the US and Mahar Arar

Patrick Leahy on the US and Mahar Arar

  1. #1 by Bene D on August 11, 2007 - 11:13 pm

    What a splendid display of prosecutory anger – we have been lucky to have Leahy speak on our behalf. Leahy yelling is always a treat. He doesn’t waste a word.

    Arar is burned out as his case before the US courts drags on. And the Germany Masri case drags on.

    How thoughtful of our government to finally release O’Connors report without black outs.

    There are no surprises.

    The CIA was at the heart of this. Canadians were happy to feed the CIA wrong information from Syria. They were more than happy to hide their own incompetence. That the RCMP would be so inept, then work so hard to hide that ineptness should chill us.

    That our government would pull a Gonzales – telling Canadians we couldn’t know what was blacked out for our national security and our own good is mind boggling.

    The Canadians knew Arar would be tortured. They didn’t care. Neither did the US.

    Leahy has been hammering at Extrodinary Rendition for years. Gonzales isn’t going to deviate from Ashcrofts script.

    But it’s still grand to see Leahy let lose with that principled temper. He looks tired and sad these days. Too bad Leahy’s advocacy for his country and his friendship with ours isn’t going to do any good.

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