Harper's government dishonest on the environment

Harper’s government dishonest on the environment

From the Ottawa Citizen


On Thursday, the story broke that a report commissioned by the federal Environment Ministry found that a substantial carbon tax would have minimal impact on economic growth. The report, dated Jan. 16, 2007, was obtained and released by the Green party through an access to information request.

"The Canadian public can conclude that the Harper government is deliberately misleading them when they claim that a carbon tax does serious damage to the economy," May said at a press conference, "because they know it’s not true."

May was particularly furious with federal environment minister John Baird, who has consistently refused to consider a carbon tax. "He is demonizing and vilifying the measure that every economist who’s serious around the world recognizes as the most straightforward, effective and efficient fiscal mechanism to respond to the climate crisis."

She’s right. A hefty carbon tax is, without a doubt, the most effective way to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, and no government serious about climate change would dismiss it. But the Harper government has dismissed it. John Baird even called a carbon tax "the mother of all taxes." And he did that while claiming that his government is committed to reducing greenhouse-gas emissions. Even by political standards, that is dazzling cynicism.

I’m absolutely disgusted at how dishonest politics has become.  I wonder how history will look upon the leaders of North America and how they deliberately misled people on such a grave threat to humanity.  Global warming is enough of a threat to warrant action.  We can fix the problem without destroying the economy but Harper simply won’t do it.  


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