Book Review: Furious Pursuit

Book Review: Furious Pursuit

Last year I received a book I was supposed to review in a few weeks. It took more like a few months just to finish the book. If I enjoy a book I’ll finish it in a few days. Slugging through a book that doesn’t engage me takes a lot longer. Because of this I’m afraid that my thoughts on this book aren’t going to be comprehensive or well formed. 

 Tim King and Frank Martin offer a pleasant journey through the nature of God’s grace and his love for you and me. It walks along similar themes as Ragamuffin Gospel but without the depth and insight of a recovering alcoholic. The author’s communicate well and the content is easy to digest. Perhaps that is one reason why it was hard to get in to this book. They attempt to be heartfelt and poetic but come away looking more manufactured. It is almost as if the book was designed for church cell groups. 

This is where I have to be honest about my potential bias’. I’ve never found much depth in the spiritual writings of evangelicals. Instead of painting a picture of a transcendent God, God is all together too imminent, too plain, too easily explained. An over abundance of words and poetic sounding talk almost limits the potential experience.

 Despite this I do agree with the author’s central points. Our relationship with God is more His story than ours. Many Christians often struggle in vein to overcome specific sin or experience God. The book offers hope to those stuck in a form of Christianity that saps more power than it provides. For me the books that did this for me were Romans, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, and Colossians.  

The book is better than I expected but largely unsatisfying. However I anticipate many people would enjoy the book more than I. The reviews on Amazon are all very positive.

I’ve decided to be a little more picky about the books I accept.  I’m afraid I just don’t have the discipline to stick with a book I’m not actually interested in reading.  It is flattering when someone offers you a free review book.  I think I’ve letter that flattery cloud my judgment a little on the the decision to read these books.



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