The people formerly known as the congregation

The people formerly known as the congregation

Some other projects, Battlefield 2, and food poisoning have kept me from blogging in the last little while. That is why I am late on the scene with my commentary on this rant about church. At one time in my life I may have really resonated with it but nowadays I don’t. The rant does point out some flaws but it assigns responsibility for this to some nebulous group of pastors. I have some good friends who are pastors and none of them sound like the people described in the rant.

The sad reality is leaders give people what they want. Many of those who dare swim against the current find themselves looking for work in a hurry. The people currently known as the congregation want programs and sappy worship music and big churches. Many American christians want high production values and low committment thus megachurches are popular. Many Christians want to be part of the church with the best facilities and largest attendance in town. It makes us feel like we are somehow better. People like worship music that is essentially Reo Speedwagon patched over to Jesus. We like participating in programs because most of us don’t really know how to sacrificially love one another and we aren’t willing to take the time to learn how. Let’s not fool ourselves in to thinking the congregation isn’t just as responsible as anyone else.

The time has come to move beyond blaming “the church” or “the pastors” for our problems. It is easy to rail against a faceless intangible segment of the church. If we actually start identifying the concrete problems in our sphere of influence then we’d be responsible to act on those problems.

  1. #1 by James on April 27, 2007 - 6:11 am

    Amen! Good preaching.


  2. #2 by BD on April 27, 2007 - 4:56 pm

    Not knocking Bill Kinnon – he is a Ryerson grad, that school turns out the best in the country when it comes to technical excellence (ie: camera people) so it makes sense he started this meme. I’d want him in the field or editing suit anyday.

    A blogger named Brother Maynard is one of the ones who picked up on this meme, he is less inclined to blame leadership or structure. He’s worth a read.

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