Out of comission

Out of comission

Thursday night I had my buddy Moose over to watch the hockey game.  For supper I ordered some Pizza and Wings from Pizza73.  That night the digestive distress began.  You know the little jingle in the pepto commercials – nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach diarhea…I became intimately aware of all these conditions.  At first I thought I caught the flu, but when I found out my buddy was going through almost the exact same grief I’m thinking it was the pizza.

I’m still paying for it. 

In the last few weeks I poured most of my writing effort into something for Bethany college.  I poured 5 years of ideas and analysis is in to what became the second longest thing I’ve ever written.

Now that it has warmed up I’m loving my veranda, the recliner I picked up from Kijiji.com and my wifi!  It is a great place to work and blog.

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