Mike Holmes wannabe

Mike Holmes wannabe

My wife is gone on a retreat.  Just before she went we dropped by Costco to pick up some snacks.  I also picked up Mike Holme’s book on home rennovation.  After reading the book and religiously watching his show on HGTV I felt inspired.  The basement in our home needs some serious cosmetic work.  Two rooms in particular.  Carol and decided that we were going to gut our storage room.  I’m planning through some insulation strategies and I kind of need to know how much the basement is insulated. 

I went in to the room we decided to gut and discovered that the walls were actually painted wood panels.  No insulation behind them.  Just tar paper and concrete.  I was curious about the family room (or man cave as it is called around here).  So I pulled one of the zillion strips of wood nailed along the wall.  These strips are particularly ugly and they won’t make it through any rennovation.  I find gyproc.  I keep digging and I find plaster.  Mmmmmmm……   But now I really can’t make heads or tails out of this thing.  I need a bigger viewing area.  More strips of wood come off, then more and more.  Next I’m unscrewing the drywall.  My dad and brother show up.  Funny how little projects can snow ball.  Next we hammer off the plaster and through the original wood and find tar paper and concrete.  So this room isn’t properly insulated, it just has several layers of crap on the wall. 

I might as well keep going.  I start pulling more and more strips.  David starts helping.  As soon as power tools are involved David is ready and willing.  Now I have a huge pile of stuff to haul out of the house.  I’m relatively sure Carol won’t mind the disappearance of the wood strips, even if it means looking at the original plaster…but I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t like to come home to a mess. So I could be in trouble. 

  1. #1 by Marc on April 1, 2007 - 2:04 pm

    Mike Holmes scares me. I would never want him to look at my house: this one, or the next one. Ignorance is bliss, as far as I’m concerned (unless it’s a health issue), and since he seems to find something wrong with everything in the houses he does (or at least the ones they air), he can stay away!


  2. #2 by randall on April 3, 2007 - 9:35 am


    That’s a Classic.

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