Blue Label Big Spending Liberal Budget

Blue Label Big Spending Liberal Budget

There really isn’t a fiscally conservative party in Canada.  Harper has spent nearly every extra cent he has on tax cuts and new spending.  I’m starting to wonder if the two main parties we have to choose from are as different as a Ford Tempo and Mercury Topaz.  Pretty much the exact same car from different dealers.  Perhaps some of the trim or the styling is a bit different.  I can understand why someone would like one over the other based on a few issues.  

I don’t understand the fear, loathing and hatred Cons have the Libs and vice versa.  Any left-wing characterization of this budget as heartless is completely disengenous.  Any Conservative that thinks that somehow this blue label big spending budget is somehow different from any Liberal budget is fooling themselves.  I’d say there have been some Liberal budgets that are much fiscally prudent than this one.  Liberals actually cut income taxes!

People will say Harper is just playing nice because he is in a minority situation.  Is that any reason to come up with a budget that increased spending 25 billion dollars?!  Has Harper been drinking orange cool aid from across the aisle?

I thought Jack Layton made an utter fool of himself.  He said this budget did nothing for working families.  May I refer him to the huge tax break I’m going to get for each of the 3 kids in my house?

Do I like this budget?  It is great for me but not that great for the country.  The fiscally conservative part of me really liked the Liberal practice of underestimating revenue and putting the "unexpected" surplus against the debt.  I don’t see Harper giving us as much of a buffer.  I see this kind of big government spending coupled with tax breaks and I think Brian Mulroney.

As much as I benefit from the big tax break I would have rather seen something  applied equally across the board.  This type of tax exemption is clearly intended to buy votes from a very specific demographic.  Harper has a way of coming up with very politically strategic policy rather than what is truly best.  The GST cut is a fine example.

Harper broke a couple more promises.  One to Saskatchewan and another on a capital gains tax exemption.  I think Harper’s promise to Saskatchewan was stupid.  The federal government should give all provinces the same deal.  The funny thing is I’m still  going to hear die hard Cons talk about the broken GST promise.

At the end of the day Quebec gets a few zillion dollars to fix the so called "fiscal imbalance".  Then Charest promises to drop income taxes a few zillion dollars.

It is pretty clear Harper is trying to buy my vote.  I’ll take the cash but he isn’t getting my vote.

  1. #1 by Rob Kroeker on March 21, 2007 - 1:28 pm

    Hmm – funny I was reminded of Mr. Buloney as well – you could add Grant Devine to that club too. cons get in, and they spend the money. Libs get in and they throw it to the debt that the previous cons incurred. I don’t like admitting it, but that’s sure what it looks like doesn’t it. There’s a bigger question here though that needs to be noted. In this budget, the cons expressed a social conscience that doesn’t alienate social activists with an evangelical bent. That’s why they’ll continue to get my vote – cons naturally lean a little to the right whereas libs naturally lean a little to the left. Add in the far left influence on the libs (aka stephane dion Jack Layton and Elizabeth May), and the cons are a breath of fresh air soically.

    As for sask – yes we got hosed. Is this a new thing? no. Even if we had cons provincially, we’d still get hosed.

    I remember hating quebec when I was a kid because they got all kinds of special treatment. After the libs came to power and I saw how they kissed ontario’s butt (especially tronto) and all the wonderful special interest groups (left wing nuts) to gain the 100+ seats from that one province, I learned to hate Onterrible as well. Perhaps this is why I am not to far away from a sepratist view point – or at least a decentralized gov’t view point. Let the provinces individually decide about various social issues.

    Sask was going to get screwed either way – ottawa will always take us for granted unless some major changes happen provincially.

  2. #2 by LT on March 22, 2007 - 7:49 am

    I’m not sure that having a conservative government is going to make tangible difference on social issues. They are never going to touch abortion. Even if they decided they were going to change the gay marriage laws all they can do is change the name of “gay marriage” to “civil unions” until the charter challenge is made in the courts and unravels it all.

    There really is a place for fiscal conservatism in Canada. We like things such as : debt reduction, broad based tax reduction, productive tax cuts, and a simpler tax system.

    Compared to the Libs we see

    Less debt reduction

    Targeted tax cuts for political gain

    Sales tax cuts

    A more complex tax system

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