Cultivating a life for God

Cultivating a life for God

Cultivating a life for God is written by Neil Cole of Organic Church fame. It wasn’t until I checked tonight that I saw this book on Amazon. Much to my surprise it was a textbook at Bethany this year. Fortunately for me I was able to pick up a copy at a nice price.  Current thinking in organic church circles stresses the necessity of strong disciples. Cole came up with a simple system to encourage discipleship. He calls them life transformation groups. At first glance it might seem like another cheesy program with overpriced materials. 

Like transformation groups are not really a program in the normal sense. Two people agree to meet once a week, read about 25-30 chapters of scripture, go through some questions together, confess sin and pray. The group can grow to three and then four. After a couple of weeks at four the group splits into two groups of two. There isn’t a designated leader and there are no resources to buy. Because it is based on scripture it doesn’t get dull. If someone in the group doesn’t read the allotted amount of scripture the group reads it again for next week. 

The system is simple, reproducible and it doesn’t cost very much. It gets people interacting with the scripture rather having someone interpret it for them.   Because it is based on mutual submission there is much less chance that someone will be abused by a spiritual authority. 

What I really like about this and other approaches like it is that it assumes that to fix the church you need better disciples of Christ. Models and approaches that focus primarily on church organization are missing this very crucial factor. 

The book is well worth picking up especially at its current price of $10 at Amazon. In the first half of the book Cole builds his case. This wasn’t particularly engaging for me as I didn’t need much convincing. I really enjoyed his story about how life transformation groups came in to practice.  He finishes things off by going through some common questions and objections. 

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