I think we've seen this conservative government before

 I think we’ve seen this conservative government before

Government spending is set to far outpace inflation and economic growth next year, despite Tory promises to tighten the federal fiscal belt.

New estimates show spending is set to rise 6% to $211.7 billion in 2007-08 over estimates a year ago. Much of the growth comes from new defence spending and Conservative programs, such as the $100-a-month Child Care Benefit.

Canadian Taxpayers Federation federal director John Williamson says the estimates don’t take into account other new initiatives, such as larger payments to provinces expected to be added to the total in the March 19 budget.

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Let’s see here. Lower taxes, increase spending, break promises, sell out the west to Quebec interests… I think we’ve seen this before. All we need is a budget deficit and a tainted Tuna scandal and we’ll know for sure Mulroney has returned.

  1. #1 by scotty d on March 1, 2007 - 10:54 am

    Sometimes I want Mulroney back when I see what Harper is doing 🙁

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