My first 24 hours with Microsoft Vista

My first 24 hours with Microsoft Vista

I’m really impressed with Vista.  I really didn’t like the cartoonish look of XP and would immediately change any xp system I owned to use the old Windows theme.  The Aero interface is elegant and functional.  I can type the name of the program I want to run in the start menu instead of hunting for it.  The transparency, task bar window previews, opening and closing effects are all very nice.

I have more control over how my system uses power when I’m running off the battery.  The “gadgets” on the side are neat to have.  Currently I used gadgets for weather, digg, RSS and a cpu/memory meter. 

There were a couple of software issues.  Conspicuously, Itunes doesn’t seem to work.  I hate to admit I actually use iTunes, but for getting podcasts there is no better system.  I use Yahoo Music for digital music which I do like a fair bit more than iTunes, it just has lousy support for podcasts.  I was also sad to discover that MSDE, a free database based on SQL Server, will not be supported on Vista.  Their latest version of the same thing ,SQL Server Express, will work.  I like MSDE’s features more and I can’t use the SQL Server Enterprise Manager to manage SQL Server Express.  That makes me very sad because the free management tool for Express is brutal in comparison.  This is probably the nail in the coffin for my use of SQL Server.  I already have good software to manage Mysql and it doesn’t have the limitations of SQL Server Express. 

My first 24 hours with vista are also my first 24 hours with my new dual core Dell Inspiron 6400.  I loaded this puppy up with call kinds of programs trying to slow it down.  I normally take the amount of Ram recommended by Microsoft and double it because I often use a number of memory intensive applications at the same time.  So in this case I picked up 2GB.  I found that I rarely used more than 900mb of Ram.  1GB should be good for most people out there.   Having 2 processors made me more productive as I didn’t have to wait for a task to finish to start another.   The speakers are better than average and the screen is bright and beautiful.  
So far I’m very happy with my new computer and OS.    

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