On second thought I’m selling out to Microsoft…again

On second thought I’m selling out to Microsoft…again

As Linux distros go I like Ubuntu. I
think it has come a long way and I would recommend it to a lot of people.   In the end there are things that I do that I
can’t do well on Linux.  As a web
developer I rely  strongly on the Corel Draw Suite and
Homesite/Dreamweaver.  Linux does have
some pretty good code editors but none that are as well suited for ColdFusion
Development as Homesite.   I really don’t
like Gimp.  Graphic editors aren’t like
word processors where someone can jump between Word, OpenOffice and Word
Perfect without missing a beat.  Switching
requires a lot of effort to learn a new way of doing things.

So much of Linux is nice and then you run in to things where
the bottom falls out and you find yourself scouring google for the best
tutorial to get your wireless network card working.  After devoting myself to the quest of freeing
myself from Microsoft I started to wonder whether really should spend all this
extra time to save $170 for an OEM copy of the next version of windows.  

Some people are really crying fowl about the DRM restrictions
in Windows Vista.  If you have HD content
you are trying to play on a monitor that doesn’t have the right technology the
system will degrade the output of your content. 
The same is true of every HD DVD/Blu-Ray player.  It will also be true on the Mac.  Linux won’t have it but someone is going to
have to hack the content protection to get protected content to play.  None of this really matters until I have a monitor or TV that could actually play 1080p content.

I am going to Vista. 
I did consider picking up a Mac. 
I’ve got an XP license I’m not using. 
After looking at my options I moved on. 
For $1200 I can pick up a awe inspiring 13.3” screen, 1.83 Core Duo 2
processor, 512 mb Ram, 60GB hard drive, CD/RW DVD combo drive and a 64MB Intel
Video Card.    If I choose Dell I can
spend $1180 and pick up a 15.4” screen, 1.73 Core Duo processor, 2GB ram, 120
GB hard drive, DVD burner and a 256mb ATI video card.   Aside
from a modest processor advantage the Dell machine packs a lot more bang for
the buck.

For the last few months I’ve adopted open office.  I’ve used it for spreadsheets, word
processing and slide shows.  I had
uninstalled Office.  I was a long way
towards being MS free until I installed a trial version of Office 2007.  It is what Office software should be.  It is gorgeous.  You can even post to your blog from it!   I imagine some people will have difficulty
adjusting to the new interface but I think it is great.

One of the biggest flaws I’ve observed with Windows is 3rd party
software barnacles.  It seems every 2nd
program you install decides to run some sort of program in the background.  A few days ago I went in to the registry on a
laptop at the school.  After I cleaned
out two thirds of the programs running at startup I freed up over 100mb of
Ram.  Programs like Norton and McAfee are

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