We must make Darfur and issue for our governments

We must make Darfur and issue for our governments

Don Cheadle weighs in here.

It is not too soon to learn lesson No. 1 from the pathetic international response to Darfur and Rwanda: Despite the almost ritualistic pledge of “never again,” no coherent international system or process is in place for responding to genocide and other atrocities. What does exist is chaotic and futile finger-pointing, while the slaughter goes on.

The situation in Darfur continues to deteriorate. A famine threatens to drive mortality rates above the current toll of 10,000 per month. The regime violates a cease-fire pact with impunity and obstructs humanitarian aid.

  1. #1 by Rob Kroeker on January 9, 2007 - 1:45 pm

    On the practical side – with resources already in Afghanistan, how do we make ANY impact on that region? Do we not already have sanctions in place? If not, then we’ve got to do at least that. But then, what do we do to the Chinese or any other country that ignores any type of human right? it’s not a question of ‘should’ we do something – the answer is obvious. But then again, what are the Europeans doing? The Americans are at least doing something out there that at least has a glimmer of moral motive behind it. Is the French army maxed out in it’s commitments overseas? What about the Germans? How about a South American contribution? India? Are all these countries so poor that they cannot do anything to bring peace to Darfur? The UN is obviously a body with no muscle. It’s a loose organization at best. NATO is useless because some significant member countries refuse to get involved. The EU won’t fight. Who’s left?

    If you’re going to tell me that “I” can make a difference, you’ll be part of the same club that believes that some how through reuse, reduce, and recycle we’re going to truly make a difference in stopping the inevitable. Give me a break! Human nature is Human nature(I oftened wondered where evil played a role in humanity in shows like Star Trek, but perhaps we will ‘evolve’ from evilness when we realize that ‘we’re not alone’).

  2. #2 by Rob Kroeker on January 9, 2007 - 2:03 pm

    But, I guess we should at least try. If you have any practical ideas, I for one would be willing – I just have a real sense of cynicism as to what would actually make any difference.

    Which of course, leads back to God. Prayer DOES work, and we can pray. and I will.

  3. #3 by Carol on January 9, 2007 - 10:13 pm


    You talk about resources. I believe that western countries could in fact do something about Darfur…IF they wanted to. They did something when Hitler took over Europe. The difference is that Hilter was a perceived threat to the freedom of the western world. Sadly, Dafar is not a threat to OUR freedoms, so its easier to do nothing or very little.

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