The Agenda : A great TV Show Podcast

The Agenda : A great TV Show/Podcast

Remember Steve Paiken?  He was the guy that did such a great job asking the questions at the last Federal debate.  He hosts a great politics and social issues program on the TVO channel.  If you haven’t heard of TVO you aren’t alone.  TVO is short for TV Ontario and last time I checked it is only available on Bell Expressvu. 

The Agenda has a great website with blogs, streaming media and a podcast.  The podcast is the audio of the show which works well because the Agenda is mostly debate and dialogue.  You can listen to the show everyday.  I have trouble getting my Yahoo Music Engine to download the files but I can still listen to them.  iTunes seems to work well though.  (I dearly hope someone can come up with software on Windows that works well with Podcasts and will sync with something other than a iPod.)

  1. #1 by Mixy on December 1, 2006 - 6:17 am

    Of course iTunes works well. In Ubuntu I use rhythmbox music player and it works really well for pod casts and music but it is a programe for linx machines running gnome. Plus it look a lot like iTunes.

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