Why are you abandoning the church?

Why are you abandoning the church?

I tend to get in to many discussions about the church and my ideas of how it should change. This normally leads in to a discussion of my past house church experiments as well as my future plans. When people figure out I’m discontent with the status quo but would rather plant something new than reform an existing church they say things like “Why are you abandoning the church? Why are you running off and doing your own thing?”

These responses would change if I was just a church planter who mentioned nothing about being discontent with anything.

There are a number of good reasons for certain people to start something new, to experiment on the margins rather than try to reform an existing institution or move the “center.”

Some people are called to change the establishment, others are called to do new things. People should follow their calling.

Some people are gifted in facilitating change in established organizations, some people are gifted at exploring uncharted territory.

Changing an existing institution is long, hard, work and requires a lot of patience. It requires a certain kind of leadership ability that not everyone has.

Some kinds of experiments need to start with no baggage. Some require a completely different mindset that would be difficult to transition in to.

It often takes success at the margins to inspire movement at the center.

It is pretty hard to lead an organization through change if you aren’t a leader in the organization.

A lot of attempted church transitions fail miserably. This can cause a lot of grief and heartache. Why force change on people who aren’t ready for it?

Some institutions will never change significantly and that is okay because they are serving a purpose to a specific group of people.

There are a lot of people out there that lead established organizations that have chosen to stick it out and do what they can. I’ll admit that I am skeptical of this approach, but not so much that I can’t bless the people that are trying.

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