The 9/11 Truth Movement

The 9/11 Truth Movement

A little while ago I started seeing 9/11 documentaries pop up on the top 100 ranking of google video. Now they have started appearing on Digg. While I can’t say I believe the so called “conspiracy theories” I do believe that there are several unanswered questions that deserve mention and further investigation.

Here is a sample of the some of the websites and documentaries.

Video: 9/11 Press for Truth

Complete 9/11 Time Line

Scholars for 9/11 Truth

Video: Improbable Collapse

Popular mechanics did what seems to be the most popular response to the conspiracy theories.

Another website on the other side of the issue is

The whole issue is very intriguing. Even reading the comments on Digg can be fascinating. I’ve observed people on both sides of this issue reveal a biased perspective. Take a look around and you’ll see people:

  • Using only the picture evidence that supports their position
  • Mistating their opponents position and attacking it
  • Quoting people but cutting out the parts that don’t fit their theory
  • Smearing opponents with labels like “Bushing loving neo-con” or “tin foil hat patrol”
  • Picking only the eye witness testimony that supports their position
  • Highlighting a vast array of potential coincidences in rapid succession
  • Attacking one element of an opposing theory to discredit it but refusing to adequately answer the questions of the other side

It is hard to sort through all this to get to the truth.

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