It is time to send Bush a message

It is time to send Bush a message

It wasn’t long after 9/11 that my opinion of G.W. Bush started to dip. Now I find it hard to believe how anyone, Republican or Democrat would prefer to keep this guy around.

Unlike a true conservative he has mismanaged the economy and government spending.

British Foreign Secretary admits the situation in Iraq is dire.

Ex-US Generals have called for the Secretary of Defence’s head

Bush invaded Iraq to bring “freedom” but supports tyrants in other countries.

The war in Iraq has inspired more terrorists.

This administration has broken laws by spying on Americans.

State sanctioned torture.

Secret prisons in foreign countries.

The most powerful man in the free world lives in a “state of denial“.

  1. #1 by jc on October 14, 2006 - 11:26 am

    i think the reason some people want him around is that the alternative is much worse. on the other side we have democrats who have no solution to dealing with iran or north korea. the democrats want to re-deploy the u.s. troops out of iraq or cut and run as bush calls it. i don’t see how losing in iraq helps anyone out. a. it will strengthen the terrorists resolve to fight us as the u.s. pull out in somalia inspired bin laden. b. it will allow the country of iraq to go into all out civil war. i agree that he has mismanged domestic spending. its quite out of control. bush is not a conservative in principle when it comes to shrinking the size of government. he is in fact left wing in that regard. the economy is actually doing quite well in spite of this growing of government. he does support tyrants in other countries like north korea and iran. but then again so does everyone else. bush seems to be the only one who wants to find out how to put these guys out of power. the u.s. needs to giving money, food and oil to these countries in order to appease them. we need full sanctions on north korea. since iran is oil rich i would guess we need a different approach there. we need less diplomacy and less bribes and more moral confidence that our culture and way of life is superior to theirs. if one has any doubt that this is true then they are a moral coward. these countries posses no rights because they do not acknowledge the rights of their citizens. i am okay with secret prisons and so-called torture to obtain information about those who would seek to harm us.

    sure i don’t like gw bush all that much. but i don’t see any other politicians out there with anything that sounds like a reasonable solution. if one opposes bush so strongly, lets hear some alternative solutions to his foreign policy.

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