Who to vote for, who to vote for?

Who to vote for, who to vote for?

Earlier this summer I was talked in to buying a Liberal membership by my friend Ryan Androsoff. He was working on the leadership campaign of someone who has dropped out of the race. So I have my membership and I can vote in the race for Stornoway. I’ll be doing a little research tonight. My options are.

Michael Ignatieff

Smart guy. Taught at Harvard. Supported the war in Iraq. Lived [outside Canada] for 30 years. He has some substance and can energize a crowd.

Bob Rae

Nice guy. Supported NDP candidates financially last election. Had a disasterous tenure as premier of Ontario. Not much hope I’m going to vote for him.

Stephane Dion

Smart guy. Toasted the separatists [post] 1995. A federal Liberal with lots of exerience. Very competent. He was the minister of the environment when that deparment has a poor track record. Not sure if that was his fault. So far he is probably my front runner.

Gerard Kennedy

Calgary Grit’s main man! Young, western, and unstained by federal Liberal politics. Great on paper. Heard less than stellar things about is personal performance. Going to investigate. Probably my number 2 choice.

Ken Dryden

Hockey guy. His automated machine called me. His message, vote for me because I can win the nation. Please…

Scott Brison

Tory guy. A little too quick with the blackberry perhaps.

Joe Volpe

Dead voter guy, child voter guy, expensive pizza guy. No hope, not a chance, quit now while you’re ahead.

Martha Hall Findlay

Unknown girl. Not much to say.

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