Here is an interesting website. Their main purpose seems to be to assist churches attain the 9 marks of a healthy church but most of the articles linked to on the main page are criticising the emerging church.

After reading through some of the articles I had a few random thoughts.

Why don’t these guys criticize the organic church wing? I’d really enjoy a conversation around the New Testament theology of church.

9Marks wants churches that are word driven. I think I’d rather have a church that anchored and guided by scripture but is driven by the Spirit. What they say and what I hear may be two different things but when I hear “word” driven I think “mind” driven. Believe the right things and that will reorder your life. It doesn’t work.

What are these reformed folks doing to change the direction of the church? Is it working in any substantial way?

I agree that some people’s “othordoxy” can be too “generous” but it is abundantly apparent to me that there is a lot of stuff in scripture that is not abundantly clear. When we claim we know more than we actually do it is sin.

I can’t see how more emphasis on penal substitutionary atonement is going to lead people to a deeper level of sanctification. I think evangelicalism has to really come to grips with how multifaceted Christ’s sacrifice was. It is much deeper and more profound than any model can illustrate.

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