Ok, so the Treo 600 SUCKS

Ok, so the Treo 600 SUCKS

A few months ago I posted about my newest compromise with technolust. The Palm Treo 600, the worlds first truly useful phone/pda device. When it worked it really was fantastic. I started having problems with it about the time my limited 90 day warranty ran out (it was used). It would go blank and unresponsive. I’d stick in the charger and it would hard reset and come back to life with all information on the phone lost. I lived with that for awhile and some handy backup software until yesterday when it wouldn’t come back to life for more than a minute. I went to my favourite Sasktel Mobility dealer and desperately pleaded to become free from my crappy Treo 600.

They told me the most reliable useful phone/pda was the….crackberry, I mean blackberry. They are really cheap now. So I picked up one. There are some things I liked about my Treo better. The size was a bit more a managable and the Palm OS is pretty sweet. So far I like the Treo’s 4 way button more than the scroll thing on the side. However typing on the blackberry is easier and faster. That is huge. If it works the way it is supposed to I’ll be a very happy camper.

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    I had a Treo 650 with Verizon…. sold it and got the 7130 Blackberry with Cingular. Best decision of my adult life. The Blackberry is way better and I’m not sure why I decided to stick it out with the Treo for so long. The Treo is heavy, crashes constantly, I never really liked the way the phone got or sent emails and the blackberry is just a better phone. I use a Mac and that’s been a little tough with software, syncing, etc… But it’s still better than syncing / software with the Palm Treo. Just my opinion. Enjoy your new Blackberry.

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