Maurice Vellacott shines again

Maurice Vellacott shines again

“Is Maurice Vellacott the best conservative to represent Saskatoon-Wanuskewin?” Today our local radio morning talk show host John Gormley asked this question to more than one caller. Based on the way he used words “stupid” and “embarrassment” in reference to Mr. Vellacott and his recent actions there is no doubt where John is on the issue.

John is a former Tory MP and if the results of his phone in polls are any indication the majority of his listeners are on the conservative side of the spectrum. In a phone in poll this morning most people said Vellacott should be turfed from the leadership of the Aboriginal affairs committee. It seems as though more and more Conservatives see Vellacott as a liability.

What is the furor about? Check out this snippet from the Toronto Star

Vellacott observed it is not the role of judges “whether left or right or conservative or whatever stripe (he or she) happens to be — to actually figure to play the position of God, and somehow when they take those robes on, that they’re in a position to know better than anybody else. Because they’re basically there to carefully interpret the law as it was written and apply the law. That’s my view. I don’t want those individuals to be on the left, on the right. Their role is to interpret the law as it was written by legislators — Parliament in this case.”

Asked by reporter Christina Lawand if his opinion was that judges are playing God right now, Vellacott replied that was the view of the chief justice.

“Beverley McLachlin herself said actually when they step into this role that suddenly there’s some mystical kind of power that comes over them by which everything that they’ve ever decreed and is not to be questioned. They actually have the discerning and almost prophetic ability to plumb and know the mind of the public.

“They take on almost those God-like powers. She said that herself. I didn’t say that. That’s what she’s reported as having said so.

What was our Prime Minister’s response? The comments of the member from Saskatoon-Wanuskewin don’t represent those of the government!

There is a legitimate debate to be had about judicial activism. Vellacott’s defenders whom called in to the radio talk show pointed this out. However there is no excuse for Vellacott’s comments. They don’t further the legitimate debate and serve only to embarrass the people of our fine city. After too many years of Jim Pankiw “representing” Saskatoon now we have another MP embarrassing us all over again.

  1. #1 by Bene Diction on May 9, 2006 - 11:36 pm

    Voter habits are hard to break. Your riding is unique, and I suspect a lot of factors come into play.

  2. #2 by scotty on May 10, 2006 - 10:22 am

    It’s sad that Vellacott has put his foot in his mouth so many times and disrespected so many people and he still wins by landslides because of his “moral stand”. So what if Vellacott opposes abortion and gay marriage if he constantly misinterprets facts, speeches, etc and insults people with his false claims and name-calling? I looked up McLachlin’s speech and I don’t know where Mau-Vell gets his ideas. If Harper doesn’t want to stand by the words of his MP, why did he give him the chance to lead the aboriginal committee? Could he have made a worse decision? If he wants to send a clear message to aboriginals that they don’t matter, he’s been quite effective in doing so with this appointment.

    To all Canadians not from Saskatoon, we are not all like this man! Please don’t paint us with the same brush.

  3. #3 by Random on May 10, 2006 - 2:51 pm

    As much as I’d like to see a Harper majority, I think I’m finally voting for someone else.

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