To Quinn or not to Quinn

To Quinn or not to Quinn

I’ve got one friend who is doing the happy dance because Quinn has been terminated by the leafs and another who thinks it is a bad idea. I think I side with Scotty. Quinn had all the advantages of a big budget for a lot of years. That explains the success. Even when they were winning they would often sleep for 2 periods and do something miraculous in the third. Quinn never developed the youth in the system and had a bad habit of backing some real lame ducks (Reichel, Renberg, Berg, Antropov). He also had this really annoying habit of juggling the lines. I have no idea how chemistry could ever develop. The only time the Leafs had consistency and chemistry is when they were riddled with injuries and 1/3 of the team had flown in from the farm. I think a good coach will bring out disciplined consistent play. The Leafs just haven’t had that.

  1. #1 by Frank on April 21, 2006 - 6:54 am

    As a Habs fan I was really happy to see Quinn go. Then my son said “don’t the Leafs and Quinn deserve each other. “Good point I said.” Quinn never took the leafs to the next level. The main problem was that they always relied to heavily on the older guys to make it happen. Never developed the younger players. When the NHL decided to change the rules to a faster game the Leafs still thought they could do it with older players. Lindros was the biggest risk…. never a team player. Domi should have been gone. Allison???? Tucker did a little better. Then there was O”Neil, Kilger, Richardson, too many old legs. This is the vision that the Leafs have had for many years and it never worked. Let’s face it wasn’t it tiring seeing Quinn behind the bench? The most definitely need new blood. What the leafs need are some Montreal greats like Gainey and Carbonneau to run the team…… they know how to win….

  2. #2 by scotty on April 21, 2006 - 10:04 am

    Great points LT and Frank. Though Frank I would disagree about Kilger’s play. He was the Leafs’ most consistent forward this year and led them in even strength goals while doing his share of banging. I always liked seeing him on the ice. Hopefully Paul Maurice will take over. He’s far better suited to the new NHL. And I also agree Carboneau is a great choice to have anywhere in your organization. Championships follow him around. Dallas wouldn’t have won without his Yzerman-like play.

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