House Church: Studying the scriptures

House Church: Studying the scriptures

This is what usually happens with our house church

We eat a shared meal together and enter in to a time of worship or communion with God

We ask God to help us understand

One person prepares a study or a guided discussion.

Often we will study a theme, or concept in scripture

The leader will print out the scriptures and give copies to everyone

The division of who reads what can be different

  • Everyone studies the same
  • Half study one, half study another
  • All get different scriptures

These themes often follow the main issues in our lives

We never use pre-packaged materials

There is opportunity to study the scriptures individually

We encourage people to look at the context and background

We interact and share our findings

Those professionally trained in biblical study provide tips on how to interpret scripture

Everyone can share

A special effort is made to encourage leadership from people with different backgrounds

People can lead in order to explore a question and find answers

After doing this for over a year now I’ve discovered some great benefits

The plurality of leaders helps ensure topics are more relevant to all

There is a very narrow gap between leaders and general participants

Just by participating you learn how to lead

There is more openness to questions, far fewer pat answers

Provides a good opportunity to give insight on how to study the scriptures themselves

Open discussion reinforces everyone’s value, worth and ability

You can lead with a posture of exploration, rather than just knowing the answers

People who would normally have no voice, have a voice

It takes way less time to prepare than a sermon

There is incredible richness in seeing the scriptures from the perspective of people who aren’t like you

There is still room and a place for proclamation and monologue but it is framed by the dialogue

The more you see someone’s real life and their issues their words take on greater meaning and impact

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